Lisnagade Rath

Map Reference: J086441 (3086, 3441)

Lisnagade viewed from a distance at the east

This is a truly magnificent earthwork. It is a trivallate rath with a central platform enclosed by three banks and three ditches. Only traces of the outer ditch survive. The central platform measures about 60m by 48m. The arrangement of the banks and ditches give an impression of great height and depth.

View along the bottom of one of the ditches

The diameter of the outer bank is 120m. However, when viewed from a distance, much of the detail of the monument is not evident. It appears a large tree-covered mound, not particularly high. It is only by standing on the banks or in the ditches that it is possible to appreciate its magnificence. At the SE there is a good entrance causeway through the defences.

View along the entrance causeway looking towards the central platform

About 30m to the north is a much smaller rath which is connected to the main structure by a pair of linear banks and ditches.

Panoramic view showing part of the central platform with the inner bank and the entrance

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