Lisnavaragh Rath

Map Reference: J081442 (3081, 3442)

This rath is usually known as Lisnavaragh Fort. It has an oval platform 38m maximum length. This is surrounded by three banks enclosing two ditches. The outer two banks are massive and the ditches are very deep. There may have been a third outer ditch but there is little evidence of this. At the SE edge there is a causeway through the defences. The site was excavated in 1951 but yielded no dating evidence, except for one large gatepost at the entrance.

View of the outer and middle bank flanking the outer ditch

View across the entrance causeway looking towards the central platform

Panoramic view showing the central platform and the inner bank and ditch

Panoramic view showing the middle bank flanked by the two ditches

Panoramic view of the central platform with its surrounding ditch

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