Marino Coastguard Row

This row of five brick cottages was designed by Enoch Trevor Owen of the Board of Works in Dublin. He was a brother-in law of Sir Charles Lanyon and was responsible for at least sixty Irish coastguard rows in the second half of the 19th century. The date of building at Marino is in dispute. Owen built his first coastguard row at Dun Laoghaire in 1859 and it is generally thought that Marino may date from 1877. However plans and elavation dated 1870 are in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland and show an almost identical building. At one end of the row is the officer's house with a look-out tower and a pyramidal roof. It also has two projecting oriels with pistol loops. At the other end is the boatswain's house which has one similar oriel with loops. These defensive features seem to be common in coastguard houses of the period and may be a result of the Fenian troubles of the 1860s. An unusual aspect of the building is that it is a right-angles to the shore and that the look-out tower is furthest inland. It has no view of the shoreline today and it seems unlikely that it ever had.

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