Milltown Court Tomb

Map Reference: J133247

At first glance the visitor to this page may be forgiven for wondering why I have included it in Irish Antiquities. The photographs have to be carefully scrutinised before any details of the structure can be seen. Most of the stones are covered with moss and the site is greatly overgrown. However, if you visit the site, you will find a long cairn surrounded by trees and bushes. It is situated close to the road and is easily accessible.

By careful observation you will be able to see a semi-circular court near the northern end of the cairn. The court-stones are almost buried and covered with moss. It is easy to see the western arm of the court which is almost intact and there are some of the court-stones in the eastern arm still in place. Some of the stones of the first chamber of the gallery can be seen although they are almost buried. There are no structural stones visible in the middle section of the cairn.

Near the southern end of the cairn some stones can be seen forming part of a chamber. Other stones to the S of these may be part of another chamber. There is a great deal of cairn material but no kerb stones can be seen.

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