Moyad CourtTomb

Map Reference: J288196 (3288, 3196)

The remains of this court tomb consist mainly of a burial gallery divided into three chambers. It is aligned N-S and a field wall close to the south end obscures and may incorporate the remains of the forecourt. The gallery is about 9.5m long and 2m wide. It is asymmetrically divided with the most northerly chamber being smaller that the other two. It is composed of granite boulders, many of which have been split.

These split stones are particularly evident in the side walls of the burial chambers where the flat, split surfaces face inwards. There are good pairs of jamb-stones dividing the chambers. The monument stands within a small thorny enclosure and many of the boulders lying to the east of the gallery may be displaced roofing corbels.

The site is known locally as Rush’s Cove.

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