Clondalkin Round Tower

Map Reference: O070314 (3070, 2314)

Location: In the centre of Clondalkin Village

St Cronan, or Mochua, founded a monastery here is the 7th century. It was plundered by the Danes in 832. The Round Tower is first mentioned in the early 18th century, when it seems to have had much the same appearance as it does today. It is about 27m high with an intact conical roof. The doorway is about 1.6m high and about 4m above street level. The tower has the typical tall, slim, cylindrical appearance, except for the lowest 3.5m which has a distinct bulge. This portion is not bonded to the rest of the tower and may not be an original feature. Access to the doorway is via a set of steps cut into the bulge. These steps are unlikely to be part of the original design of the tower since they would negate the the defensive design of placing the doorway several meters above the surrounding ground level.

On the other side of the road, in the graveyard of St John's Church, is a large rectangular stone trough, which may have served as a font. Behind the church is a small stone cross which has lost its top and is now a 'tau' shape. On one face is a ring-headed cross in relief. A short distance away is a plain granite cross.

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