Donabate Railway Station

Map Reference: O228500 (3228, 2500)

Location: In the centre of the village, just north of the railway bridge

Donabate Railway Station stands beside a newly constructed railway bridge. The main buildings are on the UP platform (No.1) and consist of an eight-bay single-storey red brick building dating from about 1860, with central gable-fronted projecting porch. There is a single-bay single-storey red brick public convenience to north.

To the south is a two-storey two-bay station masterís house built about 1890. The extensions to the rear of this are modern. Near the north end of the platform is a cast-iron pedestrian bridge.

There are several single-storey buildings on the east (DOWN) platform.

At the north end of this platform is the signal-cabin, now no longer in use.

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