Dublin Wholesale Fruit Market

Map Reference: O315344 (3315, 2344)

Dublin City Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Markets were designed in 1884 by Parke Neville, but he died before they were built in 1892. They occupy a whole block which is bounded on the north side by Mary’s Lane and on the west side by St Michan’s Street. The western frontage has 24 bays and the northern frontage 15 bays. The central bay of each façade is a round-headed carriage arch flanked by limestone Corinthian columns. At the corners of the north range is a limestone temple front flanked by limestone pilasters. There is a similar arrangement at the most southerly bay on the western façade. There are several other round-headed carriage entrances on both facades. The other bays are blind and there are several designs. In some cases the gap is completely filled and in others only the lower section is bricked with the curved upper section having an ornate metal grill. Many of the blocked bays simple patterns of red and yellow brick, others are fairly plain. The main construction material is red brick. Each of the arches are flanked by red sandstone carvings of fruit, vegetables or fish. The walls above the arcade are covered with terracotta panels featuring simple floral of vegetable motive. The building is double height and the roof is supported by steel arches and roof trusses on top of cast-iron columns.

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