Harbour Lighthouse, Howth, Co Dublin

Map Reference: O287398 (3287, 2398)

This is one of two lighthouses erected on the Howth Peninsula. It was designed by George Halpin and built in 1817. It had a two-bay single-storey attached lighthouse keeper's house which was converted to a two-storey house in 1856. Both buildings are made from well-formed ashlar blocks.

On the seaward side the lighthouse has an outer semicircular boundary wall. This also protected a gun position. Beyond this is a mole, at the end of which is a beacon, which replaced the light in 1955.

On July 26 1914 weapons intended for the Irish Volunteers were unloaded from the yacht 'Asgard' beside the lighthouse. 'Asgard' was owned by Erskine Childers.

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