Ballyreagh Court Tombs

Map Reference: H315504 (2315, 3504)

Near the summit of Ballyreagh Hill is a cairn about 30m long and 14m wide. It is aligned E-W. At the W end of the cairn is a gallery 5.5m long, divided into 2 chambers and a small antechamber. The side of each of the burial chambers is composed of a single slab. There are good jamb stones dividing the chambers and a septal slab at the entrance to the burial gallery. There is no sign of a forecourt, but traces of a V-shaped forecourt were discovered during excavation. The tomb at the eastern end of the cairn is very similar. Remains of a cremated adult male, 25-35 years were found within it as well as some Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery. There is some evidence that the western tomb was re-used for Cinerary Urn burials in the Late Bronze or Early Iron Age.

Some views of the eastern tomb

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