Donaghmoyline Graveyard

Map Reference: H398299 (2398, 3299)

The early history of this site is obscure but it was probably a pre-Norman foundation. The fragments of the church which remain may be medieval but they are not prominent. Certainly on the rainy day of my visit I did not notice any buildings. The main purpose of the visit was to view and photograph the large collection of 18th century gravestones. The main motif on these stones is the skull-and-crossbones.

There are over 30 examples. The stones are mainly round with stumpy projections at the top and sides. This arrangement sits on top of a rectangular base. The overall appearance is of a small, unpierced, ring-headed cross. This design of gravestone is found in many graveyards in Monaghan and Fermanagh, including Aghalurcher, Galloon, Clones and Tedavnet. On one side of the gravestone the central motif is the skull-and-crossbones. This is uaually flanked by an hour-glass and a bell, with a coffin at the bottom. Not all of the three smaller motifs are found on each stone, and sometimes they are differently arranged. On the other face of the stone is the inscription, usually incised but occasionally in raised lettering.

The following pair of photographs show both sides of pair of stones

As can be seen not all inscriptions are legible. The clear inscription reads

Here lyeth the body of John Winters who dyed June the 3rd 1747 aged 75 years.

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