Castle Balfour, Lisnaskea

Map Reference: H362337 (2362, 3337)

This castle was built about 1618 by Sir James Balfour, the Scottish planter. It was described as "a large strong tymber house two stories high and a castle built across the end of the church with Flankers both sides of the church". It was altered in 1652 and damaged in 1689 but continued to be occupied until the early 19th century. The style of architecture is typically Scottish with several turrets and corbelled projections.

The surviving building is T-shaped with the entrance through a projecting bay with gun-loops. The main block is probably the strong house and the eastward projection, now almost entirely destroyed, is the castle.

On the ground floor there are vaulted rooms and a kitchen with a large fireplace and a small oven. The main dwelling rooms were on the first floor. The castle was occupied until destroyed by fire in 1803.

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