Monea Castle

Map Reference: H164493 (2164, 3493)

Monea Castle is the finest of Fermanagh's Plantation castles. It was built about 1618 by Malcolm Hamilton. A survey of 1619 describes is as "a strong Castle of Lime & Stone, being 54ft long & 20ft broad; but hath no Bawne unto it". The bawn was built later, in 1622. It was captured in the 1641 rebellion but refurbished and used again by the planters. In 1688 it was the residence of the Governor of Enniskillen. It remained in use until gutted by fire in the middle of the 18th century. Parts of the bawn wall, with two corner flankers, survive.

The castle survives to roof level. It is oblong in plan and three storeys high. The entrance front has two circular towers capped with square chambers carried on Scottish corbels.

Both the towers have spiral staircases. There are small roof-turrets at the other two corners. There were vaulted rooms on the ground floor and a hall and chambers above. The castle is well provided with gun-loops.

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