Ballindooly Castle

Map Reference: M315291 (1315, 2291)

I visited and photographed this castle in 1982. I am informed that it is now refurbished and lived in, so fresh images and an up-to-date description of the interior are not now possible. However it is still possible to appreciate the nature of the building from an earlier description. This four-storey tower-house probably dates from the 16th century. It is known to have been in the possession of Redmud Reogh in 1574. It is entered through a pointed doorway in the centre of the SE wall. This is protected by a murder-hole. A spiral stairway rises in the E corner. The tower is vaulted above the second floor and there is a fireplace in the SW wall at first floor level. There are latrines at first and third floor levels, opening off the main chambers. A trapdoor leading from the upper latrine leads to a hidden chamber below within the thickness of the vault.

Detail of the spiral stairway

One of the fireplaces

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