Banagher Martello Tower

Map Reference: N004161 (2004, 2161)

This martello tower was probably built at the beginning of the 19th century. Together with nearby Cromwell's Castle and Kilmeelchon Fort on the other side of the river it helped guard the Shannon against Napoleonic attack. It is in reasonably good condition although the growth of wild plants between the granite blocks could threaten the survival of the structure.

It is three storeys high with a doorway at the first floor level. There is no sign of a machicolation protecting the doorway, as has been found in other towers. The interior is not accessible but it is probably similar to other towers. There is probably a single room at the first floor with a spiral stairway within the thickness of the wall giving access to the ground floor level and the roof level. The ground floor is usually divided into smaller rooms one of which is the magazine. This level can also be reached through a trapdoor in the floor above. At the roof level there was usually a gun-emplacement and traces of this are often found.

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