Brackloon Castle

Map Reference: M951190 (1951, 2190)

Brackloon is a small castle which stands to the south of Clonfert. It is a rectangular tower standing to full height with corner bartizans at the SW and NE. The square-headed doorway in the south wall has been rebuilt. It is protected by a small machicolation at about second floor level and there are remains of a possible murder-hole. There is a guard chamber to the left of the doorway and a spiral stairway rises to the right. This is fragmentary above first floor level but can be seen to rise to roof level. There is a small rectangular room at the ground floor and at the upper levels there may be small rooms in the southern portion of the castle with larger rooms in the other section.

The windows are set within deep recesses. The castle is four storeys high. There are fireplaces in the north wall at the first and third floors and another in the south wall at the second floor. The chimney pots are square.

The castle has undergone considerable restoration in recent years. However it now (June 2012) appears to be derelict.

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