Caherglassaun Castle

Map Reference: M414063 (1414, 2063)

I visited Caherglassaun Castle in 1988 and the photographs and notes date from that time. I attempted to re-visit it in 2002 but somehow the road seems narrower, more overgrown and rutted. Given a good summer I will have another try. The castle stands to full height with the entrance in the east wall. The outer section of the doorway is now removed and the inner doorway is pointed. There is a large murder hole and the stairway rises to the right. The large room straight ahead has two windows set within deep recesses. The castle is vaulted above the first floor where there is a fireplace in the south wall and windows in the other walls. The entrance to this room is only from the spiral stairway which rises in the NE corner. The stairway is fragmentary above first floor level. It is lit by some very fine slits and there are some good corner slits. There is a two-light window at the second floor. A latrine chute exits at the base of the north wall near the west corner.

The spiral stairway

Window near the bottom of the stairs

The murder hole

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