Carrownakib Court Tomb

Map Reference: M215453 (1215, 2453)

Although the remains of this megalithic tomb are scant there is enough evidence to suggest that it is a court-tomb. There are traces of a gallery about 5.5m long aligned E-W. It is incorporated into a mound which is roughly rectangular and measures about 12.5m E-W and 10m N-S. It is less than 1m high.

The entrance in the east is defined by a pair of jamb-stones set 60cm apart. The S stone is 1.5m high and the N stone, which is broken, is now 25cm high. A stone near this broken jamb-stone may be a court-stone but it is not deeply seated and may not be in its original position. The north side of the gallery is represented by two stones one of which is 1m long by 25cm thick and 20cm high. The other stone is 80cm long by 10cm thick and 20cm high. Projecting above this is another stone which may be a corbel. There are no visible stones on the south side of the gallery. However an exposed stone behind the jamb stone may be a displaced side-stone. The back-stone at the west end of the gallery is about 1.6m long by 30cm thick and 50cm high.

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