Castle Taylor

Map Reference: M467142 (1467, 2142)

Castletaylor is a tower-house which has had two large traceried three-light windows inserted in its east wall. The mullions from these windows appear to be much heavier than the tracery and do not match.

The windows are said to have come from the churches at Kilmacduagh. The pointed north doorway was protected by a long narrow slit just above it instead of a machicolation.

The tower seems to be about four storeys high and has a good base batter. It has a groined vault above the first floor. There is a small guard chamber to the right of the doorway and a mural stair rises to the left.

At the other end of the building is a balancing tower of three storeys with gabled dormers, which have three-light traceried windows. Between the towers is a three-bay three-storey house. This is now totally gutted.

The castle has a large walled garden at the rear and a little further off is another walled yard and a stable block.

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