Creagh Castle, Lakyle

Map Reference: M531152 (1531, 2152)

Creagh Castle has traces of a bawn wall. The entrance to the tower in the east wall is greatly ruined and there is a large piece out of the NE corner where there had been a wall bartizan. Although the door area is severely damaged the murder hole is visible and there is a machicolation at roof level. The chamber to the right of the doorway is almost completely demolished. The stairway rises on the left but access is difficult. The castle is vaulted above the ground floor and half-vaulted above the second floor. A small passage runs along the south wall within the curve of the lower vault. There is another small passage in the north wall at the first floor. There are fireplaces at all the upper levels. The top floor (inaccessible) has two two-light windows set within pointed recesses.

Interior of the castle photographed in 1986

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