Derryhivenny Castle

Map Reference: M872084 (1872, 2084)

Derryhiveny Castle was built in 1643 by Daniel O'Madden. There are substantial remains of a bawn, including a portion of a round flanking tower at the NE corner and another flanker at the SE. There are also parts of the wall walk and crenellations. The tower house has good bartizans at the NE and SW corners. There are some two- and three-light mullioned windows and some fine defensive slits and a small round musket loop in the south wall. The larger windows have good hood moulds. The pointed doorway is in the east wall. To the right is a small guard room and directly ahead is a quatrefoil ventilator or spyhole. The entrance continues to the left to a broad spiral stairway which rises in the SE corner. There are very good slopstones at the windows of the stairway which rises to roof level. The allure is intact but there are no crenellations. The area above the doorway is now broken and there is no murder hole to be seen. This side of the castle has a series of small rooms two of which have fireplaces. There are two good chimney pots. The west end of the castle has three large fireplaces and two small ones in the attics. There are four good chimney pots. There is a small chamber at the ground floor under the stairs and a number of small chambers in the north wall which are not now accessible. The castle is not vaulted. There are no floors to the main rooms and only a fragment of a wooden beam at the second floor.

One of the windows on the stairs showing the slopstone

The quatrefoil ventilator or spyhole near the entrance

One of the fireplaces

A hinge-stone or 'hanging eye' at one of the doorways

A cluster of chimneypots

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