Kilroe Mill, Grange

Map Reference: M315410 (1315, 2410)

This five-bay four-storey mill was built c1790 and had a two-bay full-height extension built at the rear in the middle of the following century. It may originally have been a flax mill but was converted in the second half of the 19thC when it was acquired by John J Gunning, a tanner from Galway, who ran a flour milling business. The front of the building faces slightly north of east. The mill is unusual in that it has two water wheels attached to the north and south gables. The north wheel has metal rims and remains of wooden buckets. It was probably low-breastshot or undershot.

The wheel at the south gable was mainly made of wood and very little remains of it. The photograph on this page shows it as it was in 1989. It was a stream wheel.

The south water wheel

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