Doocaher, Inismor, Aran

Map Reference: L870072 (0870, 2072)

This is a univallate coastal promontory fort situated on a sjheer cliff-top headland on the SW side of Inismor. It is known locally as Dun Ducathair or the Black Fort. It is defended on the landward side by a massive drystone rampart over 70m long and about 7m wide and 4m high. The terraces and steps on the inner face of the rampart and the butresses on the outside are the result of 19th century restoration. Within the rampart are two groups of houses and outside there is a dense band of chevaux-de-frise. There is some speculation that the structure may have been much larger and enclosed a circular area. It was destroyed when much of the cliff-face fell into the sea.

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