Dun Aengus, Inismor, Aran

Map Reference: L818098 (0818, 2098)

Dun Aonghusa is a multivallate coastal promontory fort perched at the edge of the sheer cliffs on the SW side of Inismor. It is roughly D-shaped in plan and is enclosed by two semicircular stone ramparts with possible remains of two more.

The inner rampart is about 6m wide and 5m high. It was greatly restored in the 19th century and features a small mural passage and a fine lintelled gate. The second rampart is more irregular in plan and is about 1.5m wide and less than 2m high. It has an internal terrace and a blocked-up gate.

Outside these ramparts are two drystone walls which may be unfinished ramparts. Between these walls is a 30m-wide encircling band of chevaux-de-frise.

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