St Eany's Round Tower & Cross

Map Reference: L886071 (0886, 2071)

This is a very small fragment of a Round Tower which is associated with St Enda’s Monastery, which was founded at the end of the 5th century. It was burned in 1020 and raided by Norsemen in 1081. Local traditions says that the tower was five storeys high and slender. It is said to have been demolished by Cromwell’s soldiers, along with several neighbouring churches, to provide building material for a fort. The tower sits on a plinth about 40cm high and the total height of the structure is about 3m. It is built of well-dressed and fitted limestone blocks. It is not sufficiently high to include a doorway or any other openings.

Close to the Round Tower are two portions of a limestone cross which are cemented together on a modern plinth. The shaft is a little over 1m high and has decoration on four faces. The decoration includes interlace, fretwork and key patterns, as well as some beasts.

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