Temple Ciarain, Inismor, Aran

Map Reference: L873104 (0873, 2104)

This monument occupies the site of St Ciaranís 6th century monastery. The main structure is an early church with some medieval modifications.

It is known locally as Teampall Chiarain.

The west gable

It has a lintelled west doorway and a pointed north doorway.

The north doorway

The narrow round-headed east window is set within a deep splayed recess.

Interior of the east gable

Terminal of the east window moulding

It has a good semicircular internal hood-mould with carved terminals. Outside the window has a good surrounding mould, also with carvings.

External hood mould

Detail of hood mould

A short distance to the east of the church is a perforated slab with inscribed circle and cross. It is probably a sun-dial.

The sun-dial

Elsewhere there is a cross-inscribed pillar.

The cross-inscribed pillar

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