Rinvyle Castle, Kanrawer

Map Reference: L657638 (0657, 2638)

Photo by John O'Meara

This castle was in existence in 1574 when it was in the possession of Miles MacTibbot. It is a four-storey tower-house with traces of a bawn. The NE corner, with much of the attached walls, has fallen but sufficient evidence remains to suggest that the original entrance was in the middle of the east wall. This gave access to a lobby with a spiral stairway rising in the SE corner. The three lower floors would appear to have had a large chamber in the westernmost section of the building with a vertical stack of small chambers in the easternmost section. The castle is vaulted above the second floor. There is a latrine-chute exit in the west wall. The top floor is fragmentary with nothing surviving of the parapet. Corbels for bartizans remain at the SE and NW corners.

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