Kilcrimple Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: M502001 (1502, 2001)

Much of this tomb survives although it is greatly overgrown and some of the detail is hidden. It is a rectangular box but slightly lower and narrower at the east than at the west. There is no doorstone nor backstone. The northern side is formed from a single large slab about 3m long, 1m high and 60cm thick. The south side is formed from two large slabs, each about 1m high and 45cm thick. The total length is about 3.2m with the more easterly stone about 50cm longer than the other. The roofstone rests on all the sidestones and is about 3.4m long and 70cm thick. It is about 1.8m wide at the west end and narrow and rounded at the east.

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