Killeely Church

Map Reference: M425179 (1425, 2179)

View from the south west

This rectangular church has a fine pair of lancet east windows and a small square-headed window high on the west gable. The pointed south doorway has a good hinge-stone. And just inside it is a bullaun-stone. The basin measures about 40cm by 35cm and 20cm deep. The piscina in the south wall has a single quatrefoil basin. Besides it is a large credence table. There are good pointed windows in the south and north walls. Both are set within deep recesses. The building is constructed from some very large stones, particularly the north wall.

East wall exterior East wall interior

The doorway Window in the south wall

Credence table and piscina in the south wall

Interior view looking west

Partof the north wall showing the large building stones The hinge stone at the south doorway

The bullaun stone

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