Killursa Church

Map Reference: M240470 (1240, 2470)

View from the south west

This rectangular church, in Ower townland, is also known as Kildaree Church. This is supposedly the site of a 7thC monastery founded by St Fursey, who was a disciple of St Brendan of Clonfert. The west end of the building may date from early Christian times. It features a trabeate west doorway. The rest of the building may date from late medieval times. It has a pointed south doorway. To the west of this are two small windows. One of them is a simple slit, the other has an ogee head. To the east of the doorway are two twin-light windows. One of them has round heads, the other has ogee heads. The pointed and traceried east window is slightly off-centre. Some traces of the original east window remain. There is a good aumbry in the south wall. It may have functioned as a credence table and also contains a single shallow piscina.

The west doorway The south doorway

The two small windows in the south wall The round-headed two-light window in the south wall

The ogee headed two-light window in the south wall

The interior looking east

Detail of the east window Interior of one of the south windows

The piscina and credence table in the south wall

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