Lydacan Bullaun Stone

Map Reference: M443079 (1443, 2079)

This is an irregular, rounded, granite boulder about 60-70cm wide. It contains a bullaun about 40cm diameter and 25cm deep. It stands in the middle of a field beside an overgrown rath. This has a good outer ditch and a substantial inner bank and platform. A large gap in the east may be the original entrance. The platform is overgrown making estimation of size difficult. However it is about 30m diameter. Near one edge are two flat slabs which seem to cover a rectangular pit. This rath is known to contain a souterrain. During my first visit, in 1982, it was open but during my most recent visit, in 2002, I could find no trace of it. The rath is labelled CBG (Children's Burial Ground). Some fragments of gravestones, which were noted on the earlier visit, are no longer visible.

The following views of the rath and souterrain were taken in 1982

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