Newtown Castle

Map Reference: M423020 (1423, 2020)

Newtown Castle, in Castle Quarter is a large round castle about three storeys high. The doorway is in two sections with a round-headed outer doorway and a pointed inner doorway.

The gap between the two doors which was originally accessible from the first floor is now blocked. This was a defensive structure which performed the same function as a machicolation or a murder-hole. This double doorway leads to a lobby with a guard chamber on the right and a broad spiral stairway on the left. Ahead, through a pointed inner doorway, is a square ground floor room lit by narrow slits within deep recesses.

The castle is vaulted above the first floor which is lit by another narrow slit. This room has access from the spiral stairway. Above the entrance area there is a long curving passage which is also accessed from the stairway. The stairway is fragmentary beyond this level. The entrance is in the east and at the SW there is an exit for a latrine chute. Presumably this latrine starts from above the vault. The castle is almost covered with ivy, which masks any window details which may be above the vault.

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