Tullokyne Castle

Map Reference: M237368 (1237, 2368)

The castle at Tullokyne was built before 1586 when it was held by Muriertach O Conor. It is mentioned again in 1584 at which time a similar structure, a few paces away, existed. The castle are said to have been built by two sisters, who, inold age, being unable to travel, built their castles close together so that they could harangue each other from their own windows. The other castle was blown down during the great storm of January 1839. Presumably Tullokyne Castle suffered some considerable damage. A sketch of the 1830s shows it in much the same condition as it is today. Only the west wall stands to full height. This has a number of small windows with ogee heads. There is a small slit at the north-west corner. The tower was four storeys high plus attic and was vaulted above the third floor. There is a fireplace at the first floor and a garderobe also at this level in the west wall. There is evidence of small chambers running along the north wall. Across the road a flight of steps leads down to a rock-cut well. Tullokyne is still referred to today as ‘The Hag’s Castle’

When I visited Tullowkyne Castle in November 1986 I failed to get good photographs. This was due mainly to the fact that it is almost dark at 3 o’clock on a November afternoon. However Ann Johnston made the following excellent sketch.

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