Abbeydorney Cistercian Abbey

Map Reference: Q851237 (0851, 1237)

Abbeydorney Cistercian Abbey is situated in Knockaumore townland to the NE of Abbeydorney village. It was founded in 1154 as a daughter house of Monasteranenagh, Co Limerick and named the Monastery of Kyrie Eleison or Mainistir O dTorna. The chief remains are those of an aisleless church 29m by 7m which is thought to be the smallest Cistercian abbey church known.

It has a western tower at the base of which is a finely moulded doorway set within a rectangular frame. This doorway leads to a vaulted passage beneath the tower.

A chamber on the first floor is lit by a two-light traceried window. There are fragments of an ogee headed tomb recess in the north wall of the chancel and a three light east window.

Fragments of the east and west ranges of the cloister buildings remain. There are many large tombs in the graveyard.

Some of them incorporate fragments of carved stones which indicate that the cloister arcade had 'dumb-bell' piers.

Most of the existing remains date from the 15th century.

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