Caherdargan Cashel

Map Reference: Q399056 (0399, 1056)

Caherdargan (or Caherdorgan) cashel is situated within Caherdorgan North. It is a small circular cashel with walls up to 2.5m high and 2m thick. Earlier descriptions suggest a thickness of almost 4m but the monument seems to have been tidied up and somewhat reconstructed during the 20th century.

Within it are the remains of six round houses. One of these is completely detached. It is about 5m diameter and has an entrance in the north. Four of the huts form a cluster. One of these is quite small and appears to be an addition. The other three have a common entrance in the east and are about 4 - 5m diameter.

Inside the innermost of these, the walls of which are about 2m high, is a small shallow souterrain running N-S. It is about 3m long and very low. The sixth hut is joined to the cluster by an external wall and has its own entrance in the east.

View from inside the innermost of the cluster of huts

The small hut attached to the cluster

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