Carrickafoyle Castle

Map Reference: Q988475 (0988, 1475)

This is a large tower-house with remains of vaults above the ground floor and second floor levels. Most of the west wall is missing. The east wall faces the sea and a broad spiral stairway rises at the south-east corner. The eastern section is made of small chambers with a vault at roof level. There is a good double latrine chute at the north-east corner leading from first floor and above.

The stairway leads to above the second vault. Just below this vault there are mural chambers in the north and south walls. There are some slopstones and marks of wicker centering. All the windows are small and there are no traces of fireplaces. At the roof level there are corbels of a bartizan or machicolation. On the landward side there is a short section of a bawn wall. Within this is a chamber which has been laid out as a dove-cot.

A short distance to the west of the castle is a small rectangular church. It has a two-light east window and doorways in the north and south walls. There are a number of other small windows and just inside the south doorway is an interesting holy water stoup.

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