Coom Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: V405659 (0405, 0659)

In Coom there is a fine wedge-tomb about 5m long by 1.5m wide at the front. The antechamber occupies about half the tomb and the single burial chamber is roofed by a stone at least 2.5m long by 1.5m wide.

There is a single stone at the back and two at the front. Each side is made of a long and a short stone. The antechamber is made of three large stones on each side, the tallest being about 1.5m high.

The tomb is aligned W - E. About 500m west is a small cairn which may be a stone circle about 4m diameter. There are at least nine stones confined mainly to two arcs at the south and north-east and the tallest stones are about 1m high. The large number of stones in the east may be field clearance. About 200m north in Leabaleaha is a standing stone and boulder burial. The tapering stone is about 3m high by 35cm thick and 1m wide at the base. The boulder is about 2m by 1.5m and 40cm thick. It has a number of cupmarks on the surface.

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