Dunbeg Promontory Fort

Map Reference: V351972 (0351, 0972)

Dunbeg Promontory Fort is defended on the landward side by four earthen banks with well defined, stone-lined entrances. Inside these banks is a substantial stone wall with a lintelled entrance.

It was originally crescent-shaped but the western horn has now fallen into the sea. It is about 6m wide at the entrance and 3m wide elsewhere. There are guard chambers on either side of the entrance. The chamber to the left is about 2m in all dimensions and is entered from within the fort. It has a corbelled roof. Inside the fort is the ruin of a round house with a rectangular interior. It is surrounded by a lintelled drain.

The pathway through the defences is along the lintels of a souterrain which is about 20m long and 1m high. The distance from the inner wall to the outer bank is about 35m.

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