Leacanabuaile Stone Fort

Map Reference: V446806 (0446, 0806)

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort is reconstructed to about 1.5m high and has an entrance in the east. Just outside the entrance is a large pile of rubble which may be part of the original wall. Inside the fort are a number of ruined buildings. On the left is a semicircular hut.

Opposite the entrance is a large rectangular hut attached to a circular hut. On the right is a smaller rectangular hut and just outside it is the entrance to a mural chamber less than 1m high and about 3m long.

Just inside the entrance to the larger rectangular hut is a quern-stone and a bullaun-stone. Just inside the entrance to the circular hut is the opening to a souterrain. This is about 7m long and less than 1m high throughout. It follows a zigzag course towards the west wall of the fort where it enters a mural chamber through a rising-hole creep. This chamber is about 5m long and 1m high and may be entered through a modern gap from outside the fort. The walls of the fort are about 2.5m thick and the internal diameter is about 20m.

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