Lispole Railway Viaduct

Map Reference: Q520012 (0520, 1012)

Lispole Viaduct is the finest remaining piece of engineering on the Tralee & Dingle Railway. The railway was opened in 1891 and ran for 32 miles from Tralee to Dingle. There was a 6 mile branch to Castlegregory. The viaduct consists of two metal spans placed asymmetrically between four masonry spans. It was the scene of a serious derailment in 1907. The railway closed for passenger traffic in 1939 and finally in 1947. Only one of the eight locomotives which worked the line has survived. It is 2-6-2T No 5 built by Hunslet in 1892. After the closure of the line this locomotive was transferred to the Cavan & Leitrim Railway. The C&L closed in 1961 and the locomotive was sent to America. In the 1990s it was decided to re-open a portion of the line. Locomotive No 5 was purchased from America and now hauls some European carriages on a regular basis between Tralee and Blennerville.

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