Listowel Castle

Map Reference: Q989335 (0989, 1335)

There is evidence that a castle was built at Listowel at the end of the 13th century. However the present castle was probably built by a McGilligan in the 15th century. Originally it may have been similar in design to Bunratty Castle but only the NE wall, with its flanking corner towers, has survived. It is three storeys high. The towers are connected by a passage at both upper levels. They are lit throughout by small windows with inner splays. There are remains of a spiral stairway in the western tower.

The towers are connected by a pointed arch at roof level. This served as a machicolation to protect the entrance. The present entrance is probably a modern insertion. In recent years external stairways and platforms have been erected at the rear to the castle to allow access to the upper levels.

In 1582 Fitzmaurice took over the castle after destroying the town, but in 1600 it was taken by Sir Charles Wilmot.

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