Minard Castle

Map Reference: V553990 (0553, 0990)

Minard Castle, in Kilmurry townland, was probably built by the Fitzgeralds in the 16th century and blown up by the Cromwellian forces c1650. This is a large rectangular tower of at least four storeys. It is vaulted above the ground floor although most of the vault is missing.

There are some traces of wicker centering. There are mural chambers at the first floor. There is no sign of a stairway from the ground floor to the first floor but above this in the SE corner are traces of a spiral stairway.

There are three mural chambers in the NE corner. In the east wall the traces of the doorway include a draw-bar socket and a defensive loop. There are some traces of an inner doorway. The windows at the ground floor are small square- headed slits set within deep recesses. There are traces of a vault above the second floor.

There is a fireplace at the first floor and the windows at this level have some pecked decoration. The walls are more than 2m thick at the base and there is a latrine chute exit at the NE corner.

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