Reask Monastic Site

Map reference: Q367044 (0367, 1044)

Riasc Monastic Site is a vast structure bounded by a stone wall. Within it are a number of ruined clochans including two large conjoined huts in the north.

In the west are two smaller conjoined huts and in the south is a rectangular hut. In the south-east is a small round hut and near the east wall is another rectangular structure.

Also in this eastern sector is a tall pillar about 2m by 1m inscribed with an elaborate cross. This is a Maltese cross in false relief and below it is an elaborate stem with curved foot. There are a number of other smaller cross-inscribed pillars.

The enclosure is subcircular and about 40m diameter. It is divided into two sections by a curved wall NE - SW.

In the south- west, just beyond the outer wall, is a small circular structure with a low entrance. It is about 2m diameter and 1m deep and may be a kiln.

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