Stradbally Church

Map Reference: Q589131 (0589, 1131)

The south doorway

There was a church at Stradbally in the early 14th century but the present remains are probable from the 15th or 16th century. They consist of three walls of a rectangular building. The west wall is missing. The church measures about 16m by 6m internally. The ruin is greatly overgrown and many of the features mentioned in the Archaeological Survey are not immediately obvious. For instance, I did not notice any of the windows during my visit. There is a good pointed south doorway. Outside it, at ground level, is a good holy water stoup.

The holy water stoup outside the south doorway

According to the Survey there is a similar stoup in a small recess inside the church. In the south wall there is a pointed recess with a piscina. The piscine basin has six leaves. Beside it is a small ambry.

The piscina and ambry

Detail showing the piscina basin

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