Carbury Castle

Map Reference: N687350 (2687, 2350)

The motte near Carbury Castle was probably built by Meiler FitzHenry who was granted the area by Strongbow. The castle was acquired in the 14th century by the de Berminghams.

They probably built the older parts of the existing castle. In the 15th century it was taken by the native Irish and in 1562 it was granted to the Colley (or Cowley) Family. They were the ancestors of the Dukes of Wellington. The Colleys built a large strong house in the 17th century. Originally there seems to have been a rectangular building with vaulted rooms at the lower level. A projecting wing was added on the W side although the stonework in both sections is similar.

An added section on the E side has four 17th century chimney stacks and some large mullioned windows. The top of the hill may be partly artificial.

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