Carrickoris Castle

Map Reference:N642368 (2642, 2368)

On the site of this castle in 1305 Muirchertach O Conor, and 31 other leaders of the O Conor Faly, were murdered after a banquet by Sir Pearce Bermingham and Jordan Cumin. The present castle does not seem to belong to that era but seems to date from the 15th or 16th century. The major portion of two external walls and fragments of some internal walls remain. It seems to have been a four-storey tower-house, but it may have been L-shaped. A large amount of rubble masks the true ground plan. The east and south walls stand almost to full height. There is a dividing mark on the east wall indicating that the castle was constructed in two phases.

Most of the worked stone has been removed but enough remains to suggest that the castle was lit throughout by small slits. A narrow window with ogee head and decoration survives near the top of the south wall.

There is also a small corbelled projection.

Inside thee are good traces of window recesses and fireplaces. There are fragments of a vault above the second floor but no traces of a stairway.

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