Map Reference: S707877 (2707, 1877)

There are several items of historical interest at Levitstown. The Barrow Navigation, which was completed in the 1790s has many interesting bridges. The bridge at Levitstown is a rare example of a guillotine bridge. The platform rises vertically within a metal frame, unlike a swing bridge which moves horizontally or a drawbridge, which pivots about a hinge. The bridge is in good condition but is probably not of great antiquity, dating possibly from the early 20th century.

A short distance downstream is a very fine navigation lock. This probably dates from c1800. It has granite ashlar walls and timber lock gates.

Beside the lock is a large mill. This mill is seven bays long, seven storeys high and three bays deep. It was built about 1820. To the south is a small single-bay two-storey extension. There is a crenellated roof parapet. The mill was disused by 1909 and was burned in 1943. It is now in ruins.

There is one more, less permanent, antiquity on this site. It is a rusting road roller, made by Aveline.

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