Captain Tickell's Fountain Eadestown

Map Reference: N951179 (2951, 2179)

Fountains are probably the most common form of memorials apart from tombstones. Usually they are masonry structures but this fountain, in Eadestown, is a fine example of a cast-iron fountain. It was erected in 1899, to the memory of Captain Tickell, by his Co Kildare tenantry. It has a cruciform gabled roof with an iron finial. This sits on top of a cluster of four columns on a chamfered base. It is set within a circular cut-stone water trough, which itself sits on a moulded base. There are lion-head spouts attached to the columns to fill the trough. The fountain is noteworthy in that it is an early example of the use of cast iron which, not only provides a communal water-supply but, is artistically pleasing. There is a bracket attached to the top of the fountain for, presumably, a cup. The fountain provides for drinking at three levels. The cup and the lion-spouts were for humans, the circular stone trough was for horses and, at the corners of the base, there are quarter-circle dishes for dogs.

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