Athgarvan Corn Mill, Walshestown

Map Reference: N820120 (2820, 2120)

I visited this site in 1989. Unfortunately the film in my camera proved to be faulty and only two photos have survived, not as good colour images but as scans from transparencies which have been made acceptable by Photoshop. On the site I found a very fine corn mill with two kilns and a stream wheel. This is metal with wooden paddles, most of which are rotten. The mill as four storeys high by six bays long with a double gable. One of the kilns is separate from the main building. The central section of the mill has been largely replaced by silos and storage bins. The mill does not appear to be operating but is in use as a feed store and fertilizer depot. I haven't had an opportunaty to return, but with the help of Google I can see that the building still exists.

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