Clomantagh Lower Castle

Map Reference: S348639 (2348,1639)

This tower-house is five storeys high. It is a Shortal castle built about 1425 and associated with a nearby ecclesiastical site. The castle stands to full height although the crenellations are fragmentary. Attached to the east wall is a two-storey three-bay farmhouse which may date from the middle of the 18th century. This may incorporate part of the fabric of a medieval banqueting hall. I visited the site in 1998 at which time the doorway to the tower was not visible. There is a good machicolation at roof level which may be an indication of the position of the doorway but a lean-to extension on the north side obscures it. The tower-house has some large inserted windows at the lower levels but most of the earlier window slits are now blocked. One of the quoins high on the corner has a sheila-na-gig, but this is not easily visible. Since my visit the buildings have been restored and are now in use as a guesthouse.

I returned to the castle in 2011 but road re-alignment has placed the building at the end of a driveway with locked gates. It no longer seems to function as a guesthouse. I took the following photo.

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